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2008-07-07 01:57:02 by NeuralFusion

Remix Suggestions.!

Must be DNB or Dubstep!

Hit us up.!


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2008-07-08 02:52:47

Remix some stuff by Spor or Apex, dunno what else to say o.o


2008-08-04 09:29:36

Why don't you try remixing a popular newgrounds song? Try something by paragon or cornandbeans.

I've kind of wanted to try remixing Better off Alone into a dnb. I don't think it would work out too well, but what the hell. It's worth a try if you ask me.


2008-11-08 09:59:27

I have an idea for some awesome ambientish DnB!
Listen to the songs in some of these vids, I think the music is awesome: ?p=5AFEB4DEBD8B7E7D

I've collected all the BLAME! LOGs there. Mostly it's some futuristic ambient music, but there's some techno in at least one of 'em, and the ending music is cool too.

So I was just thinking you could get super inspired by those songs, of course you don't have to do it though, if you don't get inspired.

Anyhow, could you PM, me if you actually decide to do it?


2008-11-08 10:10:58

Forgot to say that an ambientish, or Neurofunkish choon would be best if inspired by BLAME!.
The genre of BLAME! is cyberpunk, which goes pretty well hand in hand with neurofunk IMO...


2010-01-03 23:34:12 JP6zQ
DnB remix of this song would be sweet (its already a lil dnby)


2010-03-12 22:45:48

you should make a DNB remix of some of Zero-Bass's songs on newgrounds!


2010-06-01 17:21:44

Hmm this is a tough one.
I guess i'd love to see a remix of Captain Hawkeye by Quark Ruckspin Quantum Soul and Planas.Here's a link to a vid of the song. 4w_qw

Cheers !


2010-12-09 00:28:33

Why does all your audio suck so bad? Are you ever going to get better? It looks hopeless for you :\


2011-02-03 17:53:18

Wow dude. look at your scores! I'll vote 5 on each of your trax :)


2011-03-31 21:13:02

:D Hey mate, if it's not a bother... Could you please do a remix of Knock You Down by Spor? It seems that you've done a couple by that artist and it is only YOU that truly gets it right! So again, please... If not, I completely understand. Thank you.


2011-11-10 11:59:35

try some of Receptor's tracks